Ted 2 Trailer Is Literally More Masturbation From Seth MacFarlane


I enjoyed the first Ted, even though it’s about 30 minutes too long – the entire subplot with Giovanni Ribisi could be jettisoned entirely for a tighter movie. And I’m delighted to see Sam J. Jones is back for the sequel; if nothing else, Seth MacFarlane has my respect forever for keeping the former Flash Gordon gainfully employed.

But a couple of things astonish me about this new trailer. One, that a green-band trailer for “all audiences” features Mark Wahlberg essentially getting attacked by falling semen jars (I’m old enough to remember The Right Stuff being off-limits to kids because of the sperm-sample scene that showed nothing). And two, how does Seth MacFarlane seem able to get any celebrity he wants to appear in whatever it is he wants to make?

Apparently there will be a separate Superbowl spot that’s all about deflated balls, because of course.