AllllRiiiiight – NECA’s Making a Matthew McConaughey Interstellar Toy With Removable Clothes

Idle Hands

Is that a ghost on your toy shelf? Naw, it’s just the NECA Matthew McConaughey figure you don’t own yet, traveling back in time to say howdy. Be careful how long you stare – what feels like minutes is actually hours of useful, productive time being lost.

The figure is done in the 8-inch “retro-style” of classic Mego figures, with cloth-and-plastic costume over an articulated, generic body with finely sculpted head, and there’s an Anne Hathaway figure coming too. Idle Hands got the exclusive image from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and you can see both figures there. (As per their image-share policy, we’re showing less than half of the picture above.)

To complete the set, we just need a Michael Caine figure with broken sound chip that keeps saying “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” long after you wish it would stop.