Arrested Development Toys May Have Seemed Like a Good Idea, BUT…


…these things look particularly creepy, even for Funko. Their black eyes look as soulless as those of planarian worms. And Tobias looks like Smurf Gandhi.

It’s always tough to make action figures based on characters who just look like ordinary people – Mezco has done it with likenesses like The Goonies by doing stylized caricatures, and McFarlane has done it with licenses like Lost by putting the character in a dynamic pose on a scene-specific diorama base. This Funko approach, of making them look like dead-eyed automatons who look like they might tie me down Gulliver-style while I sleep, and then force themselves down my throat somehow? I don’t care for it.

(I have no idea why my mind is working this way, but it is. Blame those dark eyes staring out at me from the screen.)