Because They Haven’t Turned in Their Graves Enough…New Laurel and Hardy Cartoons


You might remember the unfortunate Hanna-Barbera cartoons of 1966, made shortly after Laurel’s death. Well, Larry Harmon pictures, which coproduced those, just sold the rights to the French company Gaumont, which plans to make 78 new cartoons and “a range of licensed merchandise.”

“Laurel and Hardy are without a doubt two of the world’s best known icons, said Pierre Bela?sch, managing director, Gaumont Animation.

“To be given the opportunity to re-launch this unique iconic property has been a dream of mine for many years.

“Property?” They were people. The show is going to be aimed at children 5-8 years old, who presumably won’t know any better.

“We want to bring the world a totally new series with an updated look, design and feel while maintaining the slapstick humour that made this twosome world famous.”

Yeah. Because that’s the key to Laurel and Hardy. UPDATING them. Since nobody finds that old-fashioned shit funny today, I guess, right?

Below: one of the 1966 cartoons, and a 1929 live-action short. You tell me which holds up better.