“Desert Dens” – Custom Mos Eisley-ish Cantina Booths for Your Trigger-Happy Figures


We’re past arguing whether Han or Greedo shot first. What happens if Firefly‘s Jayne and Flash Gordon get into it over drinks? Or Destro decides to seduce Zarana? Now that there are 3-3/4 lines of figures for almost every license, you can decide what was or wasn’t “always intended” in the original movie, thanks to these custom cantina dioramas, available with or without light-up features.

Custom toymakers Twelfth Parsec previously funded a popular Indiegogo campaign to make Endor-like tree playsets for displaying figures, and this is their next step. I’d have to assume “Ice Cave” or “Cumulus Town” might be next, but you never know – with all the Reaction lines, some branching out ought to be in order. Like, the same pieces could double for Dagobah and Arboria, especially if you can mix in the previous “Space Trees.”

I don’t really do 3-3/4 any more, myself – it takes a whopping 18 inches to fully satisfy my figure cravings nowadays. But if I did, I think these would be essential.