Geek Apparel of the Week: Game of Thrones Garbage Pail Kids


With Garbage Pail Kids attempting a comeback in the pop culture sphere, I’m surprised they didn’t get to this first, as they always have tweaked familiar icons a bit. As Garbage Pail Kids always have two names, allow me to suggest a second run dubbed “Sean Beaned.” There would seem to be near limitless possibilities for more like this – Tiny Tyrion, Jerk-Ass Joffrey, Low-Cal Drogo, Incesty Cersei…and of course, a character shaped like a sexually suggestive entryway that we could dub “Ho Door.” Or maybe Khaleesi in a Nazi uniform as “Aryan Targaryen.”

Since neither property maintains good taste, it seems a solid match, is what I’m saying. Here’s to more.