Here’s a Solid Gold Telescoping Lightsaber Scaled to Vintage Star Wars Figures

dying2live333 on ebay

If Luke Skywalker ever has to fight Cybermen, this would be the way to do it. And if you know anyone who wants to pay a thousand dollars for an accessory that forces you to modify the figure first, well, bless ’em. Because…

The Farm Boy Luke that is being used to display this saber had to be altered at the slot/elbow end to allow “line of sight ” to the hand hole in order to slide the saber into the forearm. Plastic sabers have to be bent considerably to get them out of a standard Luke arm slot, this is not an option with a precious metal saber. This is not an issue with Darth and Ben since they have line of sight as a stock figure. Please take note of this and there is a photo showing the alteration as a reference.

But of course, it’s neither as clumsy nor as random as a gold blaster. Which vintage Tatooine Luke couldn’t hold at all, anyway.

via ActionFigureInsider on Twitter