Hide Your Booze Inside American Sniper-ish Fake Baby


An expressive, customizable, hands-free beverage insulator that looks like a baby. Drinking in public is now adorable.

American Sniper takes a lot of crap for the scene in which Bradley Cooper holds an obviously fake baby as if it’s his real kid, but what if there was a good reason? Could it have concealed a flask of vodka to ease his nerves?

Probably not, but in future movies that could very well be possible if this “Cool Baby” product on Kickstarter gets made.


WHY? Why would you capitalize that part? You made me imagine things far worse than any of the dumb shit you just said.

After this thing is funded and I get a factory re-tooled and working with me, I’ll have all different kinds of baby races, baby dispositions, baby sexual orientations, and baby IQ’s. Sky’s the limit. Anything you ever wanted out of your progeny.

Are you really a Twilight werewolf? Because I don’t know anyone else who thinks about the sexual orientation of babies.

For $8,000, you can get one with your own face. And if you have that kind of money and choose to do that with it, please never, ever move next door to me.

via Geekologie