In the Fight Club Sequel, See “Jack” and Marla Married With a Kid


Playboy has just debuted the first six pages of Chuck Palahniuk’s comic-book sequel that’s almost certain to be a movie at some point even if they end up recasting everybody (it seems like more of a sequel to the movie anyway – I always read the book’s ending as the narrator dying, though you could conceivably interpret the film that way too). From it, we can glean a few things – the narrator now calls himself Sebastian, he has a son whom he has taught many of Tyler’s tricks to, and Marla is still a tourist in woefully inappropriate support groups.

The tag line is “Some imaginary friends never go away,” so presumably we’re marking time until Tyler Durden shows up again and makes this something more than American Beauty with 12-step programs. What’s he going to make of a world where people are more worried about owning anything any more, rather than being defined by needless purchases?

I am Jack’s curiously raised eyebrow. I want to be his raging boner. But we’ll see.