Kotobukiya’s Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Look Like Really High-End Bootlegs


I just find it really amusing that for most toy lines, if you slap the wrong coat of paint on a major character it’s generally a bootleg or an error, but in Star Wars, it’s a whole new character. So here we have special redecoes of Koto’s Artoo and Threepio ArtFX statues, but let’s just call them entirely different characters to make them feel special. After all, that’s what George Lucas did in the actual movies – you may remember K-3PO as an extra during the battle of Hoth, and you may remember R3-A2 from…honestly, I neither know nor care, and I’m not going to cheat by using Wookieepedia. My head is already full of enough Kabes and Muftaks and B’omarr monks and other one-shot wonders.

And what are the odds they’ll sell out anyway? NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!