Neill Blomkamp Says He’s Making an Alien Movie After All [UPDATE: Confirmed]


He could be screwing with us. But what else are they gonna do with Alien right now? No immediate plans, and then suddenly Blomkamp concept art shows up and everyone seems to like it? Fox aren’t as stupid as they used to be when it comes to measuring fan interest.

If this goes ahead, the question is how much it will change – Blomkamp’s designs included Hicks and the original Space Jockey ship, and Prometheus and its forthcoming sequel may have taken things in a different enough direction that some adjustments are in order. Hicks could presumably be a clone just like Ripley, unless Blomkamp plans to retcon that too. Maybe he can even find a part for Dan Aykroyd, who could use a long-in-the-works sequel to cheer him up.

One thing I would count on – revised Power Loader. Blomkamp LOOOOVVVES exo-suits almost as much as he loves Sharlto Copley, who will inevitably be the sleazy Weyland-Yutani guy.

UPDATE: Deadline confirms it’s really happening…and will be set after Prometheus 2 (It’d kinda have to be, since Ripley was presumably born after the events in Prometheus…but good to know anyway)