Official Chewbacca Furby Is Like Something out of My Nightmares


The last Furby purchased in this household, because my wife wanted it SOOOOO badly, is now stuffed under a cabinet, out of reach of hands and out of range of any stray rays of light, lest it activate and be unable to shut up with its zombie-Mogwai incantations.

And now Hasbro has made a Star Wars version that chants the Imperial March despite being a Wookiee hybrid (is that the sci-fi equivalent of descendants of slaves signing “Dixie”?), has spaceships float through its eyes, and via an app, gives birth to Han Solo Furby babies, which implies a fan fiction backstory I don’t even want to think about.

Let the Wookiee win? No. Let this Wookiee be KILLED WITH FIRE. Watch the embedded Vine video with sound for more than ten seconds and I think you’ll agree.