The Walking Dead Recap – Eric & Aaron 4Eva


I don’t know how many people watched what with that other big TV event – you know, WWE FastLane – dominating Sunday night. But here, as usual, are my thoughts.

-This is literally the only show I can think of on TV where the main good guy can beat up a well-intentioned gay character and get away with it. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, but it’s a singular achievement.

-“S’getti” Well, if that can survive the apocalypse, I guess Honey Boo Boo can too. You still sure you want to stay alive?

-“Hey, guys – Todd McFarlane’s making a nipply Lego toy of Dale’s RV. Can we find a way to reuse it on the show somehow?”

-Speaking of Todd McFarlane, I bet he’s working hard right now on figuring out how to turn the zombie with the flare in his head into a toy flashlight. Or fleshlight, even. Incidentally, flare in the head is my favorite kill in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

-So crushed acorns make acceptable baby food? She certainly seems quite healthy-looking off of that diet.

-Cars after the zombie apocalypse will have fully charged batteries, but absolutely no wiper fluid.

-Daryl knows the Mockingjay whistle. It’s mandatory for anyone who uses a bow as their weapon of choice.

-Somehow, I am not reassured that your surgeon’s name is “Pete.” Call me name-ist if you must.

-Michonne overruling Rick constantly this week. So I guess it’s cool for him to beat up the show’s first gay dude, but no way he’s talking back to the black woman.

Or, y’know, he gets that Michonne is the show’s best character, who has survived with the most aplomb, and he takes her advice seriously under advisement. I’d like to believe that’s what’s going on. #optimism.

-Rick’s the only one capable of penetrating the fourth wall and knowing that if they ever found a perfect community, the show would be over. He gains this knowledge from the super-intelligent symbiotic fungus growing on his chin.

-Good to know photo development labs are a priority in the post-apocalypse world.

-“Low voltage” is not an indicator light I have ever seen on a dashboard in my entire life. “Low battery” was somehow too normal here?

-Rick hiding a gun in a blender, because carrying around a blender in a post electrical age won’t be suspicious at all.

-Eric and Aaron have names too similar to make a cool couple name. “Aar-ic”? “Er-on”?

-Did Eric really say of Maggie “I’d like her?” Is he talking about for the community, or is he a polyamorous bisexual? (The latter being better for ratings, I’m thinking.)

-How did Rick forget to ask his three questions? That’s like the dude on the bridge in Monty Python and the Holy Grail forgetting to say “What is your quest?”

I mock, but I enjoyed this episode a bunch. How about you?