Tomatan, a Japanese Robot That Sits on Your Shoulders Feeding You Tomatoes

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What is it with Japanese marathons and weird food devices? Yesterday, we had the wearable banana. Today, we have the smiley-faced robot that stuffs tomatoes in your mouth.

The Tomatan looks like a small humanoid robot — with a tomato for a head — and sits snugly on the athlete’s shoulders.

Tugging a tiny lever in the foot moves the arms to catch a tomato from the dispensing shoot. The arms then rotate the fruit over the runner’s head and hold it in front of his mouth.


“Tomatoes have lots of nutrition that combats fatigue,” said Shigenori Suzuki of Kagome, which makes the contraption.

Also rumored to combat fatigue: not having an eight-kilogram robot full of tomatoes on your shoulders when you run.

Given that this is Japan, I expect somebody to modify this into a robot that holds used panties in front of your face, any minute now.

via Mentalfloss