Topless Robot LIVE Official Podcast #1 – On Anime, Ascension and Inclusive Casting


if you’re wondering why this is “#1,” the last one was technically #0. This is the first that will be on iTunes, maybe even by the time you read this. Our guests this week are Peter Paras and Greg Jones Jr., and we discuss Kingsman, Jupiter Ascending, whitewashing vs. color-blind casting, what properties we’d actually LIKE to see remade/rebooted, and as always, answer your questions and comments. If you’d like us to answer yours on the next episode (in two weeks) leave them below.

As always, if you work in the entertainment industry, comics, toys, technology, or anything else we cover – or represent someone who does – and would like to be on the podcast, email ToplessRobot at gmail dot com with subject line “Topless Robot Live,” and we’ll see if it can be arranged. We intend to record a podcast every two weeks, and our next guests will be The X-Files/Lone Gunmen‘s Dean Haglund and his filmmaking/podcasting partner Phil Leirness.

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