Trailer for Poltergeist Remake That’s Totally Different Because the Girl Is a Brunette Now


I feel like I need to lay down a little reality here. Having seen the original Poltergeist only as an adult, I think I can say without a nostalgia haze that it does not play as particularly scary today. It’s FUN, yes – but giant animatronic ghost skeletons and lasery light shows fall more under the category of goofy kicks than fright.

From what I see in this new Sam Raimi-produced remake trailer, there will be scares. There will also be weird missteps, like static electricity in place of magic sliding across the floor, or Jared Harris in the Zelda Rubinstein role (seriously? I guess Harris is what passes for “weird-looking” in modern Hollywood). Director Gil Kenan’s animated Monster House was essentially a tribute to Poltergeist to begin with, so this is a fair match-up. I just hope it’s a better movie. I will say I’m glad it’s being produced by a fan of excess like Sam Raimi rather than the austere/minimalist Jason Blum.

via Collider