While I Was out for Dinner, Marvel and Sony Announced a Spider-Man Movie Crossover Deal


Jeez, Marvel, announcing this earlier in the day wasn’t possible? You wait till I’m out to eat and Raw is on? You’re like my personal J. Jonah Jameson today.

Anyway, yes, confirming earlier rumors, Marvel and Sony have come to terms on a deal to share Spider-Man in their movies. So far it involves two films – an as-yet-unspecified Marvel one, and a third Amazing Spider-Man that will NOT star Andrew Garfield. Marvel’s Kevin Feige will coproduce the Spider-Man films with ousted Sony chief Amy Pascal, but Sony will have final say. Said third Amazing Spider-Man film may have other Marvel characters make cameos; the two studios are said to be “exploring opportunities” to do so. Punisher, anyone?

So I guess those rumors weren’t so silly after all, and leave me wondering how much they had to pay off Avi Arad, who isn’t mentioned anywhere in the press release. But my dream of seeing Spidey with a vintage comics-accurate Fantastic Four might take another decade or so.