All-Dude Ghostbusters Now Happening as Well, With Dan Aykroyd. Really.


Okay, Dan. Fine. You want me to say it? I will.

I’m sorry I called you delusional.

Sony Pictures is broadening the Ghostbusters franchise and the first order of business will be a male-driven action-centric comedy that is a counterpart to the Paul Feig-directed film that will start production in June. The studio is simultaneously forming Ghost Corps, a new company whose principals include original Ghostbusters architects Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd; they will have offices at Sony with the mission to scare up branding opportunities based on the 1984 comedy classic.

The deal was purportedly brokered by super-agent Louis Cypher, of the powerhouse new talent agency Brimstone, Pandaemonium and Now I Own Your Goddamn Soul.