Are We All Ready for a Family Guy/Star Trek Crossover Game? No? Too Bad.


It’s actually a limited-time game within the Quest for More Stuff app, and thankfully, it’s The Next Generation, rather than anything to make Leonard Nimoy spin in his grave (which makes sense when you consider what pals Seth MacFarlane and Patrick Stewart obviously are). Still, as much as I enjoy both franchises sometimes, the synopsis made me a trifle ill, and not in the good Beastie Boys way:

Commander William Riker is on a mission to protect baby Stewie Griffin, whose future self will create technology that threatens the Borgs’ existence. Riker also enlists family patriarch Peter Griffin to repair the Enterprise, save the crew, and protect the future of mankind.

At this point, wouldn’t killing Peter Griffin’s mother, Terminator-style, be the best way to save mankind a whole hell of a lot of trouble? Make that the crossover, and allow me to actually kill Peter when he’s 12 and looks like adult Peter with an Edward Furlong haircut and stupid ’90s references, and I might be sold. Tell you what, Seth, I’ll even write you some dialogue:

“This is really bad, like the time he said he’d be back.”
FLASHBACK: “I’ll be back”
“Hey! You’re back! Just like you said!”

Alas, this instead…

h/t Fark