Dark Dungeons Filmmaker Wants You to Decide the Genre of His Totally Not-George-Lucas Movie


“Legally speaking, Citizen Kane was not a film about William Randolph Hearst. And legally speaking, this film is not about anyone now living or dead. In fact, the “George” in Citizen George doesn’t even refer to the main character. It’s a Secondary Character Title, like Chasing Amy.”

And legally speaking, Dark Dungeons was a totally faithful, reverent Jack Chick adaptation. You get the picture.

Having failed to generate sufficient interest in his proposed Desert Bus movie, filmmaker JR Ralls is moving on to Kickstart Citizen George, a movie about a beloved science-fiction director whose follow-up films 20 years later disappoint all the older fans. He just can’t decide whether he wants to make it a time-travel comedy – in which the ’70s version of the director goes to the future to fix the ’90s version’s mistakes – or a straight-faced biopic (looking at the clips in the pitch video, I can’t quite bring myself to say “serious drama” – even “serious” Ralls feels like deadpan sarcasm). He wants to let backers decide, and allow them to withdraw their bids at the last minute if their version starts losing.

I’m not sure what ensues will be on the level of Chasing Amy, let alone Citizen Kane – but I say he sticks to what brung him and does deadpan. Just faster, and more intense.