Double Take (2T) Comics Debut With ’60s-Set Night of the Living Dead Comics


As George Romero again shakes his fist at the skies that he didn’t get the copyright notice on the right frame of his classic film and it ended up in the public domain, a new comic book company offers a novel take on the Romero-verse – keeping it in the ’60s, where it began.

These three new titles will be available in June. First there’s Rise, which follows the first film’s siblings Barbara and Johnny, who presumably meet different fates this time out as there’s not much you can do with a dead guy and a girl in shock…


In Home, a Pennsylvania farmer struggles to keep his family alive as he is caught in a town under siege and must get back home to his daughter and her boyfriend before they can have sex get eaten by zombies.


Anyone who had a problem with Lyndon Johnson’s depiction in Selma might want to skip Z-Men, in which he assigns Secret Service agents to bring him back a zombie. I don’t know what to fear more – an obsessed LBJ, a horde of zombies, or the fact that it could be dangerously easy to turn this into some awful racial allegory.

All three Ultimate Night of the Living Dead books will be ongoing, with digital previews available at Double Take’s website, where they also say they’ll be looking to hire new artists and writers soon.