Fast & Furious “Ride” Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 25th (First Look)


I don’t know if you can call it a ride when it’s actually part of the studio tour, but like King Kong 360, it’s a gigantic immersive 3D screen with motion-simulation and practical effects like fire. Surprisingly for today’s franchise film world, it will be the only Fast & Furious film in 3D.

The last time I was at Universal, I asked the tour guide about the attraction. After confirming that it was not replacing King Kong, he explained that the producers of the Fast & Furious movies had been on the studio tour, and thought their movie needed something more exciting and representative than the cars on mechanical arms that used to be a fun part of the tour’s special effects demonstration.

From the behind-the-scenes video, it looks like they got all the main cast members to participate, save the obviously unattainable Paul Walker. Still, am I wrong in thinking an F&F ride should actually go fast, and not just simulate the sensation of going fast?