Former Firefly Stars Are Crowdfunding a Web Series About Former Firefly-ish Show Stars


In what will undoubtedly feel like a massive stretch, Con Men features Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk as actors from a prematurely canceled sci-fi show. One has gone on to fame and fortune, while the other travels the convention circuit, meeting strange characters who are possibly maybe inspired by people the actual actors have met. Gina Torres is also involved, as are Felicia Day, Seth Green and James Gunn. It’s either gonna be the ultimate nerdgasm, or the wankiest of fan-wanks. Either way, somebody’s getting off. Plus they’re building a spaceship.

Both actors seem a tad young to be going straight to Shatner-level self-referential careers, but as long as they record CDs in which they sing or enunciate really terribly while sounding totally high off their asses, I think I’m on board. It’s gonna happen anyway – Indiegogo flexible funding lets them keep most of the money raised even if the final goal isn’t met. That final goal they’ve gotten more than halfway to in one day.