Just What We Needed – A Menstruating Superhero Movie With Uwe Boll and Bai Ling

Poor, poor Sin Cara

From the makers of the ABCs of Death 2 short “M Is for Menstruation” comes ABCs of Superheroes, which expands on the concept in anthology format, along with other new, deliberately terrible heroes like “Fist Fuck Force.” To give them the tiniest amount of credit, they realized that Uwe Boll is more entertaining in front of the camera than behind it (though to be fair, a cat vomiting is more entertaining in front of the camera than Uwe Boll behind it). In addition to Boll and Bai Ling, the filmmakers tout the fact that their movie stars “German youtuber and Dacascos Kung Fu disciple Flying Uwe,” which I presume means something to somebody.

The movie is currently in production and headed to the festival circuit later in the year, but there’s already a trailer. Did you need your eyes to bleed today? Stupid question – you’re here, are you not? Proceed…