Marvel Studios Not Coming to Comic-Con This Year, Says James Gunn


Attendee hearts are breaking over this notion, which Gunn just kinda dropped on a Facebook Q&A. But honestly, they might as well not have been there last year, with the only major announcement having been that Guardians of the Galaxy was getting a sequel. They’ve promoted Ant-Man at Comic-Con so many times that it’s just getting silly now, and their entire slate for the next couple of years, including Spider-Man, is already known.

As for those of you who think they’re saving big announcements for D-23, I have one word: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve covered the last two D-23s, and all they ever do is briefly show an image or two of each film on next year’s Disney slate, speeding through it all in a hurry. The event isn’t about huge casting news, ever. And if there’s big Star Wars news, as Comics Alliance suggests, it won’t come at D-23 in a year where there’s an actual Star Wars Celebration happening. A couple of the actors will come on stage and wave and that’s it.

And besides, who says Sony won’t have something to say about Spider-Man?

Side note: Interesting that Comic-Con’s Facebook page no longer has “San Diego” as part of its name. Negotiating tactic?