Michael Biehn Says He’s Signed for New Alien Movie [UPDATE: May Be Fake]


UPDATE: Based on the one time I met and interviewed Biehn, his Instagram seemed legit. But people I trust are saying it’s not. So take with a pinch of a salt.

In an online Instagram conversation with the UK’s Cult Cinema Sunday, the actor says he has a contract and that “filming starts soon, hopefully.” So one way or another, Hicks is not dead.

Given Michael Biehn’s pretty wild reputation, I’d say that Neill Blomkamp should be careful what he wishes for…though I guess once you’ve worked with Die Antwoord’s Ninja, all bets are off.

I’m hoping he’s a clone, frankly. But given that this kind of undoing of deaths is totally common in comics, a long-running movie series running with the trope shouldn’t surprise me that much.