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Six Flags Magic Mountain to Turn a Coaster into a Video Game Monster. Which is Cool. ‘Cause I’m 9.



Monster Hunter 4 is available on the Nintendo 3DS. That is neat. You can play the game. Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the best roller coaster parks in the western half of the U.S. That is neat. You can ride on a bunch of roller coasters.

Capcom, however, has allowed all of your 4th grade fantasies to come to life by combining Monster Hunter 4 and one of their signature rides Goliath. From March 28th until the 10th of August, Goliath will be remodeled to look like Gore Magala, the star monster from Monster Hunter 4.

The Caravan Tour itself is traveling around the country, selling off exclusive merchandise, and constructing special sets for people to explore. For two days (March 28th and 29th) the Caravan will also be at Magic Mountain.

I mention all this because combining video games a roller coasters is essentially every childhood fantasy of mine come to life. Back in my day, it would have been Mega Man III or StarTropics, but it still would have been Magic Mountain. The ride would have probably been Colossus or Viper. I don’t know how many of TR’s readers play Monster Hunter, but I find a weird thrill thinking about being 9 years old and attending this event.

Is there a word for that feeling of nostalgia you get for being too old for something awesome?

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