New San Andreas Trailer: The Movie Roland Emmerich Wishes He Made


Emmerich always eschewed A-list movie stars in his CG-fests in order to keep the costs down, but now the director of Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore brings us The Rock versus Earthquake, and I don’t mean John Tenta.

Dwayne Johnson amusingly claims that San Andreas is “weighted with quality from years of work and research,” but when you watch the trailer, I think instead you’ll see it laden with weightless CGI designed to fuck shit up as much as possible, and give us an escape hatch to enjoy it by not making any humans responsible, thereby not offending any interest groups. Though if it really goes full-Emmerich and features an amusing caricature of the sitting Vice President screwing things up, that could be fun. Especially if The Rock were actually playing The Rock Obama from SNL.

I’d better stop. I’m ruining the movie for myself by imagining something it cannot live up to. Trailer below.