Okay, so About That Masters of the Universe Battle Cat Image


I’ve tweaked it a bit to make the colors a bit closer to the toy, but you get the idea.

A week ago, DeVon Franklin Tweeted a new Masters of the Universe movie logo, and now he’s shared this image of Battle Cat. I like it, certainly – it’s recognizable as Battle Cat but slightly toned-down for a real-world look, and featuring shoulder pads as tribute to the 200x look. I don’t blame the many of you who sent it my way.

Here’s why I didn’t run with it as fast as some others: Franklin is referred to by some sources as Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures, and others as FORMER Senior VP of production. His Twitter bio says nothing about Columbia, and instead focuses on his ministry and faith-based books. His MOTU Tweets have been responses to people, not general Tweets for all followers.

Not to mention the fact that nobody has been cast yet and no film has been shot. There is a director attached in Jeff Wadlow, but he’s the latest in a revolving door of them. This is at best concept art, and may well be concept art for a previous iteration. It is cool, but it’s hard for me to be excited about it when the movie remains, as it has for years, in development.