You Can Now Officially Propose to Your Sweetheart. The Star Wars Hoth Ring is Here.


What you are looking at is a Thorsten brand tungsten ring that depicts the Battle of Hoth. You can buy this. Why aren’t you?

There are the obvious ways to express your nerdiness, like dressing up like The Green Lantern and attending your local comic book convention, but I’ve personally always been more fun of the small, subtle, barely noticeable nerd fashions that you can sneak into your everyday “norm” wardrobe. I’m talking about tie clips with the Satellite of Love on them. Or a small lapel pin of your Starfleet communicator.

What better nerd way to say “I love you” than with a piece of jewelry that has one of the most iconic scenes in all of Star Wars engraved all the way around it? Heck, why not propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with it? It’s the kind of nerdiness you can be proud to wave around in front of distant relatives and clergy members.

The ring is currently available through Larson Jewelers for a mere $159.99. For an extra fee, you can have an engraving added. Also be sure to seek out their Chewbacca ring and their Darth Vader ring. Although the Hoth ring is the best one.