The Boondock Saints Get Retro Action Figures, Because Something Something Ireland


Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy may have shot his Hollywood career in the metaphorical foot by arguing with Harvey Weinstein, but the man is a feckin’ genius when it comes to marketing, having somehow convinced Hot Topic stores nationwide that The Boondock Saints should be synonymous with Saint Patrick’s Day. Nowadays, with one of the Saints having gone on to become Daryl Dixon, the deal only gets better for both parties.

So of course today is the day to announce Kenner-esque figures, or really, we should say “figure” – they’re clearly the same body, just with different heads. But considering you’re not likely to see an official Daryl in this scale for a while, I think you’re going to see a lot of surrogate purchases. And I think Duffy is counting on it.

Give the guy another shot, Harvey. Of whiskey if nothing else.