The Walking Dead Recap and SPOILER Thread – Deanna of Troy?


So, we have a new non-transient location for a while, eh?

SPOILERS follow…

-I am delighted this was not a whole episode of going through empty houses, as some of you anticipated.

-“We brought dinner” – Why do I think Daryl has said that about possum unironically, many times before zombies ever showed up.

-Is Deanna is the Ben Linus of Alexandria? Or does her name being Deanna make this a subtle nerd-reference to Troy?

-“I was a congressperson” – and in the post-apocalypse world, nobody has flat-out murdered you for saying that?

-“My husband is a professor of architecture” – Well, we finally found a use for one of those.

-Rick arguing with Deanna about how she shouldn’t trust him brings to mind the old joke about how a liberal is someone so fair-minded that they won’t even take their own side in a debate.

-Rick winds his watch. Survey time: does ANYBODY reading this own a clockwork watch?

-The NRA needs to slap some people on the wrist for this scene where Carol lays down her huge assault rifle while pointing it at the fat glasses woman, and fat glasses woman just stands there casually. Gun safety 101 is not something you’d think would be neglected at this point.

-Damn, Rick, I’d love to get a house like that even in pre-apocalypse world.

-Is this really Rick’s first mirror, or realization that he looks like crap with that beard fungus?

-Helloooo, hottie from the pantry named Jessie

-“I used to be a stylist.” Hence why you’re still hot, I guess?

-Did Andrew Lincoln need to try out for anpther role, sans beard?

-“Electricity, showers haircuts, I never thought I’d see those again.” So how does Carol keep her hair short? Or Abraham maintain the Sheamus flattop? And what’s Chris Hardwick’s excuse?

-Oh, Daryl. The original Possum Dixon.

-Ha, Michonne’s hot for Rick now that he’s clean-shaven. Make them bone!

-“Looks like the communists won after all” – Deanna, who could never havce said that while elected.

-Michonne’s “interview” implies a bigger split with Rick coming. But make them bone first.

-Everyone in the world understands PTSD now. So that’s one improvement.

-Rick remembers when, he remembers he remembers when he lost his miiiind.

-Aw shit – Carl thrown in with two teenage dudes and one girl? That won’t end badly or nothing.

-“I’m sorry you lost her” Deanna to Carl. “Yeah, I shot her in the head after we cut the baby out.” #thingsyoudontsayinjobinterviews

-“They’re weak” – Carl. Somebody has been reading Ayn Rand.

-Oh snap. “My wife cut your hair.” Jessie’s married? Conflict introduced!

-Wow. A Talking Dead promo that didn’t let Chris Hardwick talk. Good idea.

-Alexandria so far is not going to yield any good McFarlane Nipple-O sets.

-Aidan – Deanna’s son – ROTC Lieutenant. Name ironic, because he does not in fact aid.

“Sweet-ass biscuits” as synonym for weapons seems weird being said aloud in a non-Southern accent.

-Carl, when you’re stalking someone, leave the huge hat at home!

-Together they will rule the galaxy as father and son.

-“I know I’m a douchebag, but someone’s gotta call the ball around here.” Aidan, you’d be less of a douchebag if you stopped saying stuff like “call the ball.”

-Okay, tell me you didn’t cheer when Glenn fucking dropped Aidan. That ruled.

-“If they can’t make it, then we’ll just take this place” -Rick, realizing ex-Congresspeople are pussies.

Good episode.