3A Toys’ Ninja Tracksuit Sandtrooper – When Fake Bootlegs Are Awesome


Kids of the ’90s remember Beck’s video for “Loser,” in which MTV digitally blurred out the image of him wearing a Stormtrooper helmet – not because of an actual lawsuit from Lucasfilm, but because of the mere fear of the possibility. How things change…maybe?

I thought at first that this might be an officially licensed designer toy, a la 3A’s stylized Marvel toys, but weasel words like “Star Warrior” in the description then inclined me to think otherwise. This image, on the other hand, says they do have the official license, but perhaps think it’s cooler to pretend to be a bootleg.

It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than most of the 12″ Stormtroopers out there. If you can get the sale site to actually work.

And if you like this one, it would appear that female stripper Stormtroopers are coming next.