Ben and Jerry’s to Make Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Beer; Other Food No Longer Needed


It’s part of some kind of environmental awareness project collaboration between Ben and Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing (makers of Fat Tire Ale), but that’s not the point. The point, clearly, is that you will soon be able to get drunk on a brewski that tastes like salted caramel brownie ice cream, which strikes me as the best political recruiting tool ever.

“Although our TTB filing for the beer is now public, specifics around the campaign are still in development,” said New Belgium Director of Sustainability, Jenn Vervier. “At this time I can confirm that Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium are collaborating to raise awareness around issues we are passionate about, and that the results will be delicious.”

Now, if you can find a way to put my daily dose of vitamins in there, I need never eat or drink anything else again.