This #SaveTwinPeaks Video May Be the Closest We’ll Get to Seeing the Cast Back in Character


Kyle MacLachlan’s noticeably absent (or SHIELD-ed?) from this video by Madchen Amick, in which Twin Peaks cast members express how they feel about a version of the show without its auteur David Lynch, but most everyone else who signed back on is here, and more or less in character, giving you a taste of what the gang would look and sound like nowadays.

Will it be the only taste you ever get? I don’t know that a hashtag is going to be what makes a difference, as Showtime presumably greenlit the revival in the first place because they were aware of the demand, and I’m pretty sure they’re aware the eccentricities of Lynch are a huge part of why.

It’s cool to see everyone spouting semi-catchphrases again – if weird to see Sherilyn Fenn, who was a teen fantasy of mine, as a middle-aged mommy with her kid. But when it comes to a revival of the show, I hope we get more than just that.

Meanwhile, porn site Wood Rocket has offered to pay Lynch to make an XXX parody.