Let’s See How Desperate Nic Cage Is: Left Behind 2 Is Crowdfunding


Producer Paul Lalonde may not believe it, but the only reason anyone paid attention to his Left Behind remake was Nicolas Cage – the true believers already had a version made by more faithful folks. And Nicolas Cage does stuff for the money, as his entire recent career shows. So you think raising $500,000 on Indiegogo is gonna get the job done?

I suggest you start fitting Gary Busey with a black wig instead. Or maybe Nic Cage really will take anything. I suspect we’ll find out soon.

Oh, here’s the best part of the Indiegogo – the $75 perk:

With direct access to the people who are making the movie, you’ll advise us on casting decisions, plot development, artwork decisions and more!

Translation: because we have no idea what the fuck we’re doing, and literally anything you say to us will be smarter than what we’ll come up with.