New Marvel Movie Spider-Man Is Peter Parker, in High School, Already Spidey


Thanks to a number of Kevin Feige interviews circulating in preparation for Age of Ultron, some details on the upcoming big-screen Spider-Man have emerged.

For one, it is Peter Parker, not Miles Morales, and he’s in high school, where they plan to keep him for a while.

“In terms of the age of what we believe Peter Parker is, I’d say 15-16 is right…At the beginning of the second Marc Webb film, he graduated high school. And some of my favorite Spider-Man arcs and Spider-Man stories, he’s in high school for a lot of it. We want to explore that. That also makes him very, very different from any of our other characters in the MCU”

For another, he is already Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – the origin story will not be rehashed at length again.

“There is a young kid [already]running around New York City in a homemade version of the Spider-Man costume in the MCU, you just don’t know it yet.”

Left unsaid so far is whether Peter Parker will necessarily be Caucasian. I’m fine with whatever they decide to do, frankly, because I already got MY Peter Parker in the first Raimi film (webshooters were never a deal-breaker). As I argued before with Fantastic Four, if fans get their version done right first, alternate takes are much easier to swallow.