Tron 3 IS Happening, and Olivia Wilde Is Back


This has been one of the weirdest slow-break stories I’ve ever seen. News was leaking a while back that this might be happening, based on the fact that there was a report of future location shooting – yet there was no word from anyone involved that it was actually a thing that was real. So I held back my hopes.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter confirms it’s on, with Joseph Kosinski back as director and Garret Hedlund and Ms. Wilde returning to the lead roles. Bruce Boxleitner is presumed to be sitting by the phone, mouthing the phrase “Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease…” while Cindy Morgan’s all, “Get over it. Nobody’s asking ME back.” Jeff Bridges? Stoned.

Meanwhile, I believe TR tradition that predates me holds that we all must touch ourselves now.