Want to Win a Blu-ray Copy of the Deadpool/Garfield Inspired Movie The Voices?


Want to see Ryan Reynolds as a Scottish cat, a redneck dog, and a homicidal Ryan Reynolds? Gemma Arterton as a sentient severed head? The writer-director of the comic-book/movie Persepolis, working with the producer of Dredd?

Trust me, you do. And I’ve got the means for you to get one.

Adi Shankar calls The Voices a mashup of Deadpool and Garfield. I want you, in comments below, to pitch me something similar that also involves at least one comic-book character and one comic-strip character interacting; I’ll pick one I like to win. You must have a commenter account to enter, you can enter up to five times, and entries close next Monday, April 13th, 2015. (Sorry, but once again, the Blu-ray can only be sent to U.S. addresses.)