Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Pioneertown


Martha Boyd is not just Luke’s mother-in-law – she’s also an ex-cop, a landlord, a self-described crazy cat lady, a major Star Trek geek and the widow of a green beret. So go ahead: ask her anything. And we mean anything.

Hi and wow, it is another Thursday already.

Anyway, before I was sidetracked with other pictures last week I was planning on Pioneertown pics. Well, I’m going to start those today. Pioneertown is a small community in the hills above the City of Yucca Valley. It was founded in the 1940’s by Western Cowboy stars like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Gunfight at the OK Corral and Judge Roy Bean were filmed in the area, along with many Westerns. Anyway, the Main Street movie front sets were left. Over the years, the other 3 sides were built to the fronts and became houses and small gift shops.

The old sound stage is still there (see pic) along with Pappy and Harriet’s (see pic) which is the local watering hole. Great place to go on a weekend night, get good BBQ and listen to local country western bands. They even have a good little dance floor. There is also a small motel (see pic) on site. Also lots of horse back riding – check out the nice horse I met while in the area. They do trail rides for the city slickers. On weekends during good weather there is even a 2 p.m. gunfight on Main Street.


If you want to see the area in a fairly recent movie, check out Last Chance by Bryan Cranston. This was the first movie he directed, and also you will see Julia, my husband John and me in the film. Julia is the little blond girl who hangs with the lead kids. John got to dance with Robin (female lead) and I am also dancing back row left side. The movie was shot all over Pioneertown and we had a great time that summer. Wonderful and great actors. It is a good little movie and Bryan wrote it for his wife Robin. We even had a screaning in Yucca Valley at our local theater.

Busy week in appraisal again. You take the work when it is here, as I have had times that have been very slow. Did run into a couple of realtors who were not so nice and thought they could bully me with what comps to use on the reports and what value the house should appraise at. This is why realtors are NOT appraisers and appraisers don’t sell real estate. We come from two different angles. We can’t make your price unless we have solid data to do it with. One of the guys tried to say I could not use a comp and tried to hide another one as it really killed his sale. I do good research.


Well, let’s see what you have on my plate this week:


What’s the dumbest law you ever had to enforce as a cop?

The one criminalizing less than an ounce of marijuana. It was so stupid back in the ’80s on this one – actually it hurt them more when we just took the joint, opened it and rubbed it into the ground. But yes, that used to be an crime that you could go to jail for. Made much more sense when they turned it into a ticket offense.


If Harry Shearer doesn’t return to the Simpsons (though we’ll probably know for sure by the time you answer this) would you rather they get new actors to play all his characters, or kill them all off?

Last I heard he was still holding out. Which I really don’t understand. So he can’t do outside projects – so what? In the business most actors would kill for the run and steady paycheck that The Simpsons have provided him and the other voice actors on the show. Voice actors can make a good living as actors, be famous, but also get a degree of anonymity that the actors on film don’t get. They have lots of freedom to move around town in the normal world. Would you give up a steady paycheck if you were an actor?

What happens if he leaves Simpsons and no one touches him? Gee, it got renewed for I guess a couple of more years. I say stick it out and take the big bucks you are getting. Leave on good terms when the show finally ends and then do other projects or with the money you have earned over the last 20 years, go retire. I see openings for several VO actors who will be grateful for the gig coming soon if he doesn’t get off his high horse.


Thinking back to an old TR contest: You can travel anywhere in time, past or future. But you can only stay 5 minutes. Where/when would you go and what would you do?

Darn, only 5 minutes – hardly enough time to enjoy anything. I would probably go to the future. Would love to see what our world and society is like say 1000 years from now – hopfully we are still around.


You are invited to a BBQ by the Avenger, Defenders and Champions.
Which do you go to?
Which do you think would be the most fun?

I would go with the Avengers. I just love Capt America. Would love to sit around and chat with him. Hulk could be a giant umbella for shade.


Well, today is the change on how we can comment on TR. Seems kind of stupid to me to make us use Facebook. I mean I have FB and use it all of the time, but I do understand that some folks just don’t like the thing. So I hope we really don’t lose to many people who comment on things and or read and enjoy the site. I just love the people I have met on TR and you all keep me on my toes with the questions.

I am already plotting next week’s silliness. So I hope you will not miss it because of the comment changes. Remember, you can always email your questions to me directly at boydappraisal at yahoo, and tell me what name or alias you’d like to run them under.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend. Thank a veteran or current service person for their service. Will be waiting to see who wins the Nathan’s challenge this year – that’s always fun. Be good to each other this next week and as alway HUGGS.

As always, keep your questions coming, be they foolish, philosophical or anything else! Any questions submitted in comments below – or emailed to Martha directly for publication – will be included in future columns.