Bill Plympton’s Next Animated Feature Will Be a Comedy Comparing Disney to Hitler


I can understand how a person who dedicates his life to independent, hand-drawn features aimed at adults might think Disney was a pretty insidious force, no Star Wars pun intended. I myself am frustrated by the way they set the paradigm, and especially how, when it comes time to vote for LA Film Critics awards at year’s end, so many just accept the frame that Disney makes the epitome of what animation should be. But Bill Plympton may be taking things just a wee bit further.

“I was reading a magazine and read that Adolf Hitler was a big fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Plympton explained. “He watched it constantly in his screening room. I thought, ‘This is so surreal, that the most evil man in history is a cartoon fanatic.’ I thought that was a funny idea for a mockumentary. So I drew all these parallels between Disney and Hitler.”

He’ll be taking that one to festivals soon, but in the meantime, there are still a few days left to help Kickstarter his next movie, Revengeance, a badass-looking biker noir made in collaboration with L.A. animator Jim Lujan.

I imagine P.L. Travers might have approved.