Darth Vader Ugg Boots Ensure “NOOOOOO!” More Cold Feet


If there’s one thing Darth Vader is ALL about, it’s women’s fashion. I can’t blame him; after seeing the truly terrible haircuts his wife and daughter came up with on their own, I can understand why he might try to sell other ladies on his own vision – his black double-cape, after all, is a way cooler outfit than anything any Star Wars woman wears (with the possible upcoming exception of Captain Phasma’s Chrometrooper armor).

But will girls go for his boots? My wife’s reaction suggests that they will. The description serves it well:

The stars of a galaxy far, far away twinkle from the glitter-infused sole of this iconic silhouette, which has gotten a makeover fit for the dark side. UGG? and Star Wars? collaborated on a special edition collection inspired by Darth Vader. Crafted from smooth and quilted leather and lined with luxurious sheepskin, this boot is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring colorful pops of red, a rivet embossed with the Imperial crest, and incredible comfort, this style is an ideal addition to your closet and your collector’s memorabilia.

Other Star Wars character styles are apparently on the way. Dare we suggest UGG-naughts?