Former Hasbro Publicist Is Auctioning Off Many Past Exclusive Figures for Charity


Since I came to Topless Robot, one of the publicists it has been a massive pleasure to work with has been Joe Moscone, formerly of Hasbro’s publicity agency Hunter PR. If you’ve ever won a Hasbro toy from me in a contest, it’s because of Joe. If you ever enjoyed a Hasbro toy review on this site…again, Joe.

Joe decided to change careers earlier this year, and has lately been cleaning out his closet of exclusive toys from San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration and various other retailers and shows over the years. He’s auctioning them all off for charity, to benefit the Greg Olsen foundation, which combats cancer and cardiovascular disease.

So if you’ve missed any of these toys over the years and want a chance to grab them now, this is a wonderful way to do so while supporting folks who are giving others a chance at life. Not to mention giving back to a guy who has one of the most supportive of online communities like ours when he didn’t have to be (oh, trust me…there are people I’ve been dealing with this week who you’d think would like us, but made me want to bang my head against the wall. Joe was always the opposite of that.) If you’d rather not buy anything but would like to make a donation in any amount on Joe’s behalf, you can do that too. And given his association with Hasbro for so long, I think it’s not inappropriate to wish him a hearty “YO, JOE!”