Freddy Krueger v Jean-Claude Van Damme – Dawn of Face-Kicking


While not a flawless fan edit – you’ll notice when “Freddy’s” glove appears and disappears – this is overall a pretty inspired splicing of footage to make it look like JCVD just got welcomed to your nightmare…on Elm Street. Van Damme definitely has the body, while Freddy has the brains in this battle. It’s a more even match-up than the time Van Damme had to take the fall in Expendables 2, that’s for sure.

Note: this video is a few years old, but I just now discovered it thanks to Bloody-Disgusting, and I don’t believe we ever covered it before. So, you could watch it and enjoy…or, you get to go home. So who wants to go home…and who is COMING WITH MEEEEE???