Geek Apparel of the Week: Mad Max‘s Doof Warrior Gets His Own Concert T-Shirt


While the world and the Internet has seen no shortage of articles suggesting that Furiosa is the REAL protagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road, I think there’s no question that the breakout star of the thing is the Doof Warrior, because really, when you crossbreed Hellraiser with GWAR, nothing un-amazing can possibly come out of it. If Lord Humungus hadn’t already died two movies ago, he’d quite clearly have to cede that whole “Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla” title.

Show your loyalty to the hottest rockin’ roadshow tour of the post-apocalypse with BustedTees’ Doof Warrior shirt. Like a lot of rock merchandise, it’s available for a limited time (2 more days), but unlike them, it’s $12, which is about what actual concert tees might have gone for when the first Mad Max movie came out.

h/t GeekGirlDiva