High-End Ninja Turtles Figures Based on Kevin Eastman’s First Napkin Sketch


Just when you think there are no more possible Ninja Turtles variant figures that can be conceived, a new one – and a canonical one, at that – is dug up. But this’ll be a little harder to get than your average Playmates figure, as it’s from Mondo, the company best known for ridiculously limited-edition variant posters created as tributes to nerd-beloved movies. The First Turtle is based on Kevin Eastman’s very first drawing of a Ninja Turtle, on a napkin.

And OF COURSE there are four variants: the all black-and-white one, as well as full-color with red mask and full-color with orange mask are $65 each. For 6″ figures with 5 points of articulation, just to clarify. But if that’s not enough of a hole in your pocket, feel free to “shell” out for an exclusive black-and-white version with three interchangeable heads (actually, all the same head, just different colors on the mask) and a print of the original napkin art.

Alternately, you could use that money to buy six Playmates Turtles. But preorder The First Turtle now if you wish.