Hot Toys Unmasks Batman Returns


One of the best dialogue exchanges in ANY superhero movie:
“Selina Kyle! You’re fired. And Bruce…Wayne? What are you doing dressed as Batman?”
“He is Batman, you moron!”
“WAS Batman.”

As much as I liked the first Keaton Batsuit, Returns improved on it, making the Bat-logo the “correct” one (to me, at that age, it was as sacred as Superman’s S-shield, and not quite as malleable as it has become since), and I figured if you’re going to make the suit body armor, have it look like armor rather than fake muscles.

By the looks of it, if you want you can even glue the cowl back together on this guy if you choose – and have a Keaton Batman without the annoying, vanishing black paint around the eyes (I was SOOO hoping Batfleck would ditch that, but leaked images indicate he has not). And you can presumably strip Bruce Wayne down to his undies to make a Riggan Thompson figure.

The only thing missing is the pop-out glider cape. But knowing Hot Toys, that would have added $350 extra to the price.