If Marvel Won’t Do a Black Widow Movie, SNL Will


Saturday Night Live has been killing it this season as far as their takedowns of stereotypical female portrayals in media, from their Asian Barbie fake ad to Cecily Strong’s recurring character of the secretly hot best friend from every guy movie ever made. In this case, I’m pretty certain what they’ve done here is actually closer to, say, David E. Kelley’s Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman pilot that mercifully never took than anything Marvel would actually do.

In fact, I like to think – perhaps optimistically – this is the sort of thing Hollywood has moved past when it comes to thinking about female superheroes. Not that there need never be a film about superhero dating…I just hope it never turns out quite like this.

P.S. Despite the outcry, Black Widow merchandise does exist…but I’ve seen none yet for Scarlet Witch, at all.