Kotobukiya, Fine Purveyor of Statues, Finally Does Action Figures – Halo!


I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at a Kotobukiya statue and wished it were an articulated figure, but it was clearly the right number of times to make my wish come true. In their new Halo line of ARTFX+ statues (yes, they still call them that), all the armor pieces are removable and customizable over a body with what Koto calls “limited articulation,” but brother, I lived through the ’90s and I know “limited articulation” – that’s what you call a McFarlane preposed figure that can move one arm and its neck. This body, as demonstrates, has TEN points of articulation, some of which even look like ball joints.

The figures stand 8.5 inches tall, so they aren’t in scale with most poseable figures you’re likely to own. But if Koto keeps this up across its other licenses, they won’t need to be.