Luc Besson Returns to Fifth Element Territory With Live-Action Valerian and Laureline


He’s just calling it Valerian (because sexism, probably, who knows), but it’s an adaptation of a French comic that partly inspired The Fifth Element in the first place. Considering the worst part of The Fifth Element was its plot, I’m happy to see him try to take a pre-existing story and give it that style. French sci-fi comics need more love onscreen – they always seem to have uniquely weird aliens and a sexiness level that’s almost uncomfortable (almost).

Dane DeHaan will star as 28th century spatio-temporal agent Valerian, with Carla Delevingne as Laureline, the super-smart 11th-century peasant girl who discovers his identity. The plot will be taken from the Empire of a Thousand Planets storyline.

If all this sounds a bit abstract, well – there was already an animated series. Check it out below for an idea of what you could be getting in live-action, December 2017.